Thin, the thin server that can!

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I did some testing for the new kid on the block. The Thin Ruby web server. I used 4 instances and Nginx as my proxy server.

Thin is based on tried and true components (best in their class if you ask me). It's got its parser from Mongrel, IO management by Eventmachine and finally it connects to your favorite Ruby framework via Rack. It's amazing how one can achieve much just by blending the right components together.

For static page serving, I got a whopping ~2500 req/s on my 2GHZ Core 2 Duo machine. (vs ~900 req/s for the same machine running Mongrels). That's for 1000 concurrent users using Apache Bench

I also managed to achieve ~1200 req/s for a dynamic request in Rails that prints out 'Hello world!'. For the same 1000 concurrent users.

I will put it to real test in the coming days in more real world scenarios. I hope to be able to post the results here soon.

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Great, Muhammad.

How did the 1200 req/s benchmark against mongrel?

looking forward to the sequel.

Mongrels were doing something like ~700 req/s, I lost the exact figure but I can redo the tests. I have prepared a great benchmark for Rails based on real data and work sets. I will put an actual server setup to test soon isA

Hi Muhammad, you've done a good job trying Thin, it looks promising. I should test it on a real rails application to see if it will make any significant performance boost.

Salams Ibrahim,

I have reported real world usage figures here:

The difference is not really noticable, but I am preparing for a new benchmark for the new Thin Ninja Cookie release (what a name!)

Glad to meet a fellow Railer from Egypt :)

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