Coding around the globe

Yesterday I was doing lots of testing and I had to install and reinstall many components between tests. apt-get install and gem install were next only to ab and httperf in command usage frequency yesterday. I was setting up the stack several times and when I realized the following:

I was using the nginx web server (authored by a Russian)
I tested against Mongrel application server (authored by an American) and Thin application server (authored by a Canadian)
I built the test application using the Rails application framework (authored by a Danish)
I was programming this app in the Ruby language (authored by a Japanese)
All work was done on Linux OS (originally authored by a Finnish)
I was doing all this work in Egypt for a service partner located in UAE

Not to mention the authors of the numerous tools I worked with in that particular day. I suddenly felt connected with all of them. I was thankful to live in a time were people from every where could contribute to a particular problem. It is amazing to see the culmination of efforts of many who are seemingly separated but in the end they seem all to be working in an unintended harmony. I felt that our little service is composed of bits and pieces from all over the globe. I only knitted them together with amazing results.

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