Thin is getting thinner by the day

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It seems that macournoyer is in a frenzy of releases for Thin!. He just released the 0.6.1 sweet cheesecake release (what's up with the release names? I'm trying to control my diet here!). The new release uses less memory than Mongrel which is a very good thing IMHO. It also uses the same config files used for Mongrel Cluster. The big bang is the ability to use UNIX sockets to connect to the load balancer instead of TCP connections. This decreases the overhead of nginx sending requests and getting responses back from the upstream servers.

These are good news, though I will have to test if this will translate to noticeable performance increase in a full fledged Ruby on Rails application

I will redo my tests with this new setup and come back with more numbers

Stay tuned

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hey muhammed,

thx for considering my web server. A new version was just release today (0.6.2), make sure you check it out and let me know of you got any comments/problems about Thin!

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