Deadlines.. oh deadlines!

Can we live without deadlines? or a better question, how many did lines a man can handle concurrently? I have like 6 or 7 deadlines to achieve these days. 4 or so at work plus my masters and other family commitments. I wonder how some people manage to do so many things in so little time!. I wish i will find a clue one day. The sad thing is that i hardly have time to follow the drama in the Egyptian political scene. The national party guys and their leader (Mubarak) are trying to convince us that he can undo in 6 years the damage he made the previous 24 years. I wonder if the guy even considers honoring his deadlines!

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Yes! Deadlines are stressing! Sadly the only clue is to be disconected from this word for work, work, work!!! I know that it doesnt sound good... then remember there are friends that would like to see you more frequently; the second option is to found a balance between work and life. Hope life can have a good portion...and the politic hobby will grow ;).