And more deadlines!

Seems the Ajax fever is spreading around. Today I had a meeting with a high profile client that was negotiating building an Ajax prototype to be demonstrated in Gitex!. They were enthusiastic and were talking about the possibilities and I was thinking to myself: "O Allah! no more deadlines!!". Best thing is that they were talking about a 3 weeks deadline which made my refusal much easier!

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In fact it is not a comment as much as it is a request for advice.
I am a female student going to the 3rd year isA at Computer Engineering Dept. I get excellent grades and usually (not always) meet projects' deadlines. But I am still very worried and always thinking about that day after graduation when I get hired by some company (hopefully!!!) and I will have to keep on tracking theses deadlines and carry more responsibility. I am not sure if I can do this or not and I am quite worried (Your blog increases worry by the way :) ). What do you think?
During your work years, did you see other people who went to failure due to this or decided to change career or company?!! or is it an adaptable issue that we can handle by time, I wonder?
Sorry for annoying. I enjoyed your blog so much.
Keep on

Fear of failure is one of the worst fears that we face. See, it acts like a blocker between you and whatever you wish to achieve. It prevents you from even trying. Do you like software engineering? If you answer 'yes' then just go for it and drop all the fears behind. Some people get blind in their chase of success and they never manage to see how interesting the path might be. Enjoy the journey, leave the fruits for Allah to bring forth