My US Visa Status

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So, RubyConf 2008 has started. I was supposed to be presenting NeverBlock to the audience there. I didn't make it but thank God my coworker and friend Yasser was able to go toFlorida. I couldn't make it because I am still waiting for my visa clearance (the Americans changed presidents while I am still waiting!). The status kept saying "Under Processing" till a few days before the conference date. It changed to show the following:

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That's classic.

My apologies for how screwed up my country has been for the last eight years; we're doing our best to unscrew it now.

Sorry we couldn't fix things in time for your presentation, but you see how burdened we are with both poor leadership and poor choice of development platforms. That kind of damage will take some time to undo. I mean, Access! Yikes.

How utterly embarassing. I hope when they finally do get your visa it'll be a 10 year one so you don't have to go through this again.

I'm praying that a more technically-oriented Obama administration will work to improve this, but no matter who's in charge these things tend to take a long time.

looks like you can blame it on microsoft

@Moe: Dude sorry about you missing RailsConf. At least you can see the screencasts.

You are one Muslim guy who deserved it.

Excellent work you have here...Looking forward to checking out your samples in details.


Cheers from KHI, PAK.