Mixing Asset and Page Caching In A Multiserver Setup

Generally you would set an expires header for your assets so that your clients would retrieve them from their local caches and not bother your servers for a good amount of time.

Setting this for JavaScript and Image files causes your site to feel much faster on pages with many images and JavaScript files. But what do we do when any of those static resource change? For Images I usually change the filename with the new version and change the reference. For JavaScript files a common practice is to append some version information to the file name, usually a time stamp of the last modification date. This way when a file changes the reference to it changes as well and clients no longer use the old the cached resource and they will request the new one.

The simplistic time stamping approach works fine on a single server setup. When you add more servers you will find that you will need a more distributed safe way other than time stamping. One such way is to use your repository's revision file number. As long as you consistently deploy to all the machines you will have the same revision number on all the servers. In that case your files can look like this, application_235.js and common_42.js

Another issue arises with caching. If you are caching your entire responses (in memcached for example) and it references a Javascript file which happens to change its version then the response will keep asking for the older version rather than the new one. This can easily be solved by appending the application revision number to the cache key, i.e. "/users/1235/profile.html_1269". This way whenever the revision is upped your application will look for the latest ones in the caches and the older ones will auto expire (if you are using a cache store with auto expire capability like memcached)

Now, just relax and watch your web server serving static files blazingly fast while you are assured that everything is in sync.

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